About Us

Over lifetime of the company, spanning three generations of the same family since 1944, Radclyffe Culross and Sproston Ltd has balanced its commitment to quality and printing at competitive prices by progressively investing in new plant machinery and the training of its operators to the highest degree. Using the latest equipment has enabled Radclyffe to remain at the forefront of the industry helping it survive through the recent downturns in the economy.

Radclyffe Printers was originally called Culross & Sproston and was owned by Mr. Culross and Mr. Sproston based in Scotland. Ralph Harrison ran the London office for their company before the second World War. During the war we believe Ralph split his work between the company printing war time leaflets, etc and working for the London Police Force. At the end of the war Mr. Culross and Mr. Sproston decided to retire and close the company in Scotland, it was at this point Ralph was handed the reins to the company in London and became part of their family with the company now renamed Radclyffe Culross Sproston Ltd.

Ralph had originally started up the London based operation with his wife Queenie Harrison from their garage in Southgate which eventually relocated to the basement of an old warehouse by Liverpool Street Station. They worked hard to increase the size of the company employing more staff and their son, Jack Harrison also joined the business in the early 60's.

After the passing of Ralph, Jack continued running the company with his mother, Queenie and his wife, Beryl. In the early 90's, his son Anthony Harrison joined the company. During this time the company relocated again just down the road in Hackney and where we have been ever since.

During the early 90's Culross and Sproston bought another printing company called Radclyffe & Co. The two company names were merged to form the company we know today, Radclyffe Culross & Sproston Ltd (shortened to Radclyffe Printers as a trading name for simplicity).

Anthony studied at the Watford College of Printing, gaining vital knowledge which has ensured that the company stays at the forefront of print technology. Since 2005, Anthony and his wife Jennie have taken over the day to day running of the company from Jack who still plays an important role in the operations of the company.

Radclyffe has continued to modernise the company to this day with introduction of thermography, wide format printing and more recently, digital printing thereby giving the company a much wider array of print production.